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Photo of Daisuke Utagawa

Daisuke Utagawa

Creative Director

Born in Tokyo, Daisuke Utagawa first came to Washington, DC with his father in 1969 where he attended school in Bethesda, Maryland. Utagawa returned to Japan in 1972 to finishing his education, and began an apprenticeship in 1980 where he learned the art of traditional Japanese culinary technique from a master chef. In 1983, Utagawa returned to DC and started working as a sushi chef at the original Sushiko before purchasing the restaurant in 1988. Utagawa has since spent many years studying the “Cuisine of Subtraction” and, as the creative director, applies what he’s learned to Sushiko’s entire experience. Now a US citizen, Utagawa lives in DC with his wife and children and continues his work as a renowned restauranteur with Sushiko and his recently opened ramen shop and izakaya, Daikaya.