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Photo of Piter Tjan

Piter Tjan

Executive Chef

The oldest of the Tjan brothers, Piter started preparing sushi shortly after moving to the US at Kawasaki in Baltimore, MD in 2000. Piter then started work at Raku in 2005 where he was promoted to sous chef for the restaurant’s three locations. In 2008, Piter was hired as a sushi chef at Sushiko Glover Park under Chef Koji Terano before being promoted to head chef at Sushiko Chevy Chase. Piter moved to Austin, TX in 2010 to work under Chef Tyson Cole at Uchi and further refine his techniques and his skill set. Three years later, Piter joined his brother at Sushiko Chevy Chase, fulfilling the role of co-executive chef where he has been since.